Hey Sexy Peeps – make your vote count – vote Britiish! Miss FreeOnes

Hey to all my sexy friends and followers – I hope you are having a brilliant

Just a quickie to let you know that there’s just 17 hours left to vote in The
Miss FreeOnes comp. Vote British Vote Kaz B 😉


Please vote Kaz if u think Britgirls rock!

A big thank you to all of you and sending some love your way.
Kaz B

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Exploitation Pictures presents…..A Jason Impey Production

Hey Guys _ I recently shot a shot film with Exploitation pictures starring alongside Kemal Yildrim.


The film is going to be very extreme but here’s a softcut trailer Jason has put together for the public domain 😉

Jason is an awesome producer and it was a pleasure to work on one of his movies and to star alongside the Talented Kemal Yildrim!



Hope you like it! 😀

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Considering a one off boy girl shoot!

As you may know, whilst I have gotten a lot naughtier recently, I have not been doing boy girl shoots for general release as I wish to keep this for my own future site. However since the set up for this has been dragging on a bit (due to me being busy) and I am always in favour of more filth sooner rather than later, I am now considering doing a one off boy girl shoot! If you are interested please reply with your best offer/suggestions and I will pick either the best finanicial or horniest suggestion!

This will most likely be a one off so highly exclusive and I will be prepared to consider a contract for it being the only released hardcore boy girl scene for 3-6 months (online) or up to a year for DVD.

Big Kisses!

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Liquid Gold Room Odourisers

Room Odourisers for sale at my store!

Liquid Gold Room Odoriser

Liquid Gold Room Odoriser

Open lid and place on windowsill. Keep away from animals and small children.

Delivery included for UK only, To order outside of the UK please send me a message so I can set up the sale for you to include delivery to your destination.

Price : $14.00

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Dancing at Decadence 14th September in London

Hey peeps


Just a quickie to let the London crew know that I will be dancing at Decadence on 14th September! Decadence is one of London’s naughtiest gentleman’s evenings, and I would love it if you could attend and join in the fun!

If you wish to come and see me at a show (or Paige Fox or any of the other girlies) please either text or email the following information to Bob (07890 975772 or bob@fullservice.co.uk)

Your First name
Your Surname
Home post code
My name Kaz B(so Bob knows which girl referred you)

Once Bob has received this information, he will check you are who you say you are and if all is OK, he will text/email you the venue details and add your name to the door list. If you have not provided the correct information you will NOT be allowed to attend so please ensure you double check your correspondence and make sure it’s accurate.

An article describing the shows can be found here http://www.decadenceparties.com/escort.html

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FreeOnes Wishlist – piccies of me using your gift ;)

Hey guys I’ve been perving over all the sexy lingerie and toys at Freeones and now have my own wishlist, so if you fancy spoiling me you’ll get sent piccies of me wearing/using my new treats! 😉


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Site back up (ish)

Hi guys – sorry for the LONG unexplained downtime, a simple WordPress upgrade went horribly wrong and left everything in tatters… the members area (http://members.champagnetease.com) has been working perfectly the whole time FYI and we should have everything here shipshape again in the next few days, plus a bunch of updates to make up for lost time 😉

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I’m in the Guardian Newspaper

For those who missed it here is the link http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/mar/26/phone-line-workers-interviewed?commentpage=3#start-of-comments

Hope you enjoyed reading it guys and my views on sexual expression and phone sex.

Kaz X

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Room Odourisers for sale: Kink/Reds/Rave + lots more

Hi Guys

As well as selling lingerie, adult toys and products we are also selling room odourisers and stock various brands such as Kink, Reds and Rave. (If I haven’t listed your favourite brand just ask and I’ll see what I can do!)

Our introductary price is £6.99 for a 30ml bottle including recorded delivery. Discounts are available for those making multiple purchases and we ship worldwide. Please mail kazbxx@ googlemail.com for all enquiries.

Watch this space for our new store coming soon!

*Toxic if consumed. Keep away from animals and small children.

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Selling latex, hosiery, xxxvideos and clothing in my adultwork store

Hey guys check it out here http://refer.adultwork.com/?R=214509&T=214509 More coming soon! Just click on my shop/store on my profile to see what goodies I have in store or mail me for more details!

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